Kenya – All Work Permits Must Be Verified

Posted on June 5, 2018

Every foreign national in Kenya who is the holder of a work permit is required to visit the Immigration Department to have their documents verified between May 21, 2018 and July 21, 2018. What exactly is required? The holders should… Read more »

United Arab Emirates – New Ten-Year Residence Visa Announced

Posted on June 5, 2018

The government of the United Arab Emirates announced on May 20, 2018 that investors and professionals will be granted ten-year residence visas. Currently, residence visas are valid for up to three years. Who does this apply to? The new visa… Read more »

Chile – Significant delays with Immigration Department

Posted on May 21, 2018

The Immigration Department in Santiago, Chile has recently collapsed, causing significant delays with immigration processes, such as in decisions, resolutions, permits, visas, etc.  Visa and cedula record procedures can now take up to a whole day, when previously it was… Read more »

Italy – Family Residence Permit Applicants Can Start Work Upon Application Submission

Posted on May 21, 2018

On May 7, 2018, with immediate effect, the Italian Ministry of Labour clarified that applicants for residence permits for family reasons can start work as soon as they have submitted the application. Applicants should keep the postal receipt (ricevuta postale)… Read more »

Qatar – Foreign National Engineers Must Register

Posted on May 21, 2018

The Qatari authorities have announced a new regulation that requires foreign nationals applying to renew their residence permits or amend their employment contracts for engineering positions to first register with the Engineering Committee of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment… Read more »

Australia – Senate Passes Skilling Levy Fund

Posted on May 11, 2018

Skilling Levy Fund The Skilling Levy Fund (SAF), fund to develop training an apprenticeship programs in Australia, was passed by Australia’s Senate on May 8, 2018. An implementation date of the fund has not been released yet by the Royal… Read more »

France – New Appointment System for French Consulates

Posted on May 11, 2018

A new appointment system is being implemented in French consulates across the world. TLScontact and VFS Global now operate the appointment systems depending on the country. As the implementation occurs for particular consulates, appointments may not be available.

Singapore – CorpPass Deadline Approaching

Posted on May 7, 2018

All clients with a registered company in Singapore are required to have a CorpPass account. The CorpPass was initially launched in September 2016 and the requirement was in place for January 2018 but was further extended to July 2018. The… Read more »

United Kingdom – Universal Jobmatch to be Replaced by ‘Find a Job’

Posted on April 27, 2018

It has been officially announced that Universal Jobmatch – a government website used by UK recruiters and Tier 2 licensed sponsors to advertise jobs – is being replaced by the ‘Find a Job’ service. Universal Jobmatch is a mandatory form of advertising… Read more »

Bulgaria – Amendments to the Labour Mobility Law

Posted on April 20, 2018

Effective May 23, 2017, Bulgaria has passed amendments to the Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act which relax the requirements for issuance of EU Blue Cards for non-EU nationals, increase the allowed ratio of foreign national to Bulgarian national employees… Read more »