Desiree Schulz

    Manager of Global Operations & Regional Program Manager of Western Europe, North America, and South America 248-643-4900

    Mrs. Desiree Schulz has managed the Global Operations for Fakhoury Global Immigration (FGI) since 2012. She was a natural fit for the organization with her over 13 years of extensive professional experience in the areas of business operations, human resources, and business management. Additionally, she is highly proficient in all aspects of project and program management within the business immigration arena. This experience has given Desiree the unique ability to achieve multiple client goals while honoring the constraints of scope, timing, compliance, quality and budget. Desiree’s professional background and hand-on experience also gives her the talent to better understand business issues and immigration complexities that many of FGI’s clients face.

    Although Desiree has lived in Michigan her entire life, she has a passion for global mobility and with her position at FGI, she assists with the transnational movement of people to and from countries on every continent.

    Desiree received a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Marketing and Advertising from Michigan State University in 2001. She is involved with the Human Resources Association of Michigan (HRAGD), Troy Chamber of Commerce, and Operation Hope. As FGI is the leader for the Detroit Chapter of the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM), Desiree assists with the management of the chapter and facilitating dialog to promote global immigration knowledge.

    In her spare time, Desiree enjoys spending time with her son and playing with her four dogs.

    Kimberly McCollum

    Regional Program Manager of Africa, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe 248-643-4900

    Kimberly McCollum joined Fakhoury Global Immigration (FGI) in early 2014 with a desire to support global mobility within business. Her professional experience includes 13 years in various capacities of international project and program management, government contracting, business development, and marketing.

    Prior to joining FGI, she served as Director of Program Management for a firm specializing in translation and localization for Fortune 500 Companies where she oversaw project management, production, and vendor teams both internally and internationally. She oversaw the project management process for the firm’s top clients within the automotive and marketing industries and governmental agencies within the Department of Defense and Department of Agriculture. Additionally, within her project management capacity, she provided financial assurance, quality control, and talent development.

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Oakland University, Kimberly focused her efforts to combine her newly discovered passion for business and enduring interest in global politics and diversity. Through a scholarship from the State of Michigan, she was able to earn a Master of Science in International Business and graduated from Walsh College in 2010. She also holds Associates Degrees in Business Administration in General Business and certifications for Applied Sciences in General Business.

    Kimberly is a member of the Walsh College Ambassadors and has held memberships in Inforum, Toastmasters, Women in Defense, and the National Defense Industrial Association. She also took part in The Association of Language Companies 2012 Annual Conference where she spoke about sales within global businesses from the salesperson’s point of view.

    Though she has always lived in Michigan and has not had the opportunity to travel internationally, she recognizes that living in Michigan has directly influenced her passion for international business and diversity. Michiganders are fortunate to live in a state that is the center of the automotive industry and is the home to numerous groups of people including those from the Middle East, Poland, Mexico, and so many others. She believes that we are all more alike than we are different and feels gratitude that her passion has led to a career.

    Ketaki Nimonkar

    Immigration Legal Support + (022) 61240300

    Ms. Ketaki Nimonkar earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Mumbai in 2004. Additionally, she has taken and received certification from an IATA Certification Course that same year.

    Ketaki has over ten years of professional experience, of which the initial four years have been within the travel industry, and the past six years have been within the immigration industry. She worked with blue-chip organizations like L&T InfoTech and ATOS before joining Fakhoury Global Immigration in 2012. In her current role at FGI, Ketaki supports casework for Asia, North and South America, and select European countries.

    Ketaki loves traveling to new places, reading biographies, and keeping up with film news. Due to her fun-loving nature, she is known amongst her peers and friends for her pranks and the happiness she exudes.

    Ketaki resides in India and works from the FGI office in Mumbai.

    Purva Pem

    Immigration Legal Support + (022) 61240300

    Ms. Purva Pem has nearly four years of experience within the immigration industry. She received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Mumbai in 2009, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration.

    In her current role at Fakhoury Global Immigration, Purva assists with handling the casework for many European and African countries.

    Purva is an avid reader, particularly of general interest and fiction books.

    Purva resides in India and works from the FGI office in Mumbai.

    Vasudeva Nayak

    Director of Global Mobility + (0) 9845027223

    Vasudeva Nayak brings to his role of Director of Global Mobility for Fakhoury Global Immigration an enduring passion for the dynamism and challenges of immigration law. “In this environment of tightening immigration laws,” he says, “finding the fine line between corporations and governments and ensuring that all parties benefit are complex tasks – and they keep me engaged in this field.”

    Building solid relationships with governments and businesses has been a hallmark of Vasudeva’s career with FGI. He has worked extensively with consulates and immigration, state, and labor departments as well as corporate CEOs and managers at top companies to implement best practices in legal compliance processes. Moreover, he has facilitated clients in over 100 countries to obtain business visas, work permits, family visas, and resident, with a particular focus on the information technology (IT) field. “Immigration laws, eligibility requirements, petitioning processes and the necessary documentation varies from country to country, and they are all constantly evolving,” Vasudeva avers.

    “Hence, understanding the laws and implementing effective systems is very important. It is imperative to be our customers’ strategic partner and provide them with the most valuable and timely service: their success is our success.” Vasudeva earned his Bachelor of Business Management degree from Mysore University in Mysore, India, and completed certification coursework at the Indian Institute of Management. In addition, he is a member of numerous Chambers of Commerce (CoC) including the Indo-America CoC, Indo-German CoC, Indo-Italian CoC, Bangalore CoC, Indo-Canadian CoC as well as the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) where he is an executive member of their Taskforce on International Migration and Diaspora. He has also been a guest speaker at numerous INSZoom conferences, the 2010 PwC Global Conference, and FICCI’s 9th Global Skills Summit. Vasudeva also enjoy yoga meditation, gardening, and traveling to new places.

    Behram Bhagwagar

    Managing Director - India Operations + (91) 9867216775

    While Behram Bhagwagar enjoys the challenges that immigration law professionals confronts every day, he never loses sight of the individual impact of his work. “Although we work primarily with corporate clients,” he says that “I always remember that we are working with individual lives and careers and that adds to my passion.”

    As Managing Director of FGI’s office in Mumbai, India, Behram is equally committed to making the immigration process as approachable and effective for all his clients – whether big or small. “I am constantly motivated by quality and process improvements and how can provide the most cost-effective service to the client. ‘Zero errors’ is a mantra I strongly believe in, and investing in people and technology are the core to any organization’s success.” As a result of his strong commitment to FGI’s clients, Behram has developed extensive expertise in U.S. H-1B and L-1A/B visas as well as visa requirements for many countries in which FGI does business.

    Behram earned his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Taxation from Mumbai University and his Master of Business Administration from the Mumbai Educational Trust. He is also a graduate of the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT). He is also a member of the Indo-German and Indo-French Chambers of Commerce as well as of Namaste America, the Indo-American Association for Art and Culture. He enjoys world travel, music, and all things technological.