Fakhoury Global Immigration (FGI) is a professional services firm for the delivery of global, business – based immigration services. Servicing clients in a number of industries and for virtually every country in the world, FGI provides mid- to large-tiered corporate clients with a single source solution for work and residence permits, visas and customized immigration analyses.

Technology, innovation, and knowledge drive efficiency for global immigration and are the pillars of FGI’s success. FGI’s service model is both unique in its approach to global mobility and its results within the industry. While others are replicating outdated processes, FGI is advancing to be lean, efficient, and streamlined. The outcome is a custom approach to global immigration that addresses and eliminates the stressors so often experienced by Human Resource professionals and those working daily to provide talent within the global platform.

Leveraging a worldwide team of immigration attorneys and consultants, with offices in key markets, enables FGI to provide proactive global solutions that are compliant and responsive to local needs. FGI recognizes the ways in which immigration firms and attorneys approach global mobility. Equipped with this specialized knowledge, FGI functions as a professional management liaison to expedite and achieve global movement in such a way that work flows are simplified, requirements are easily understood, and the complications of global immigration are transformed into manageable steps to achieve the end goal of providing talent globally.

Capitalizing on lean processes and immense global immigration knowledge, FGI’s mission is to continue to be the preeminent global provider of business immigration services, delivering reliable and professional performance, the highest levels of personalized service, at an exceptional value for our clients.

Fakhoury Global Immigration is a Leader in Business-Based Global Immigration.