Significant changes to the U.K.’s Points-Based System work routes have been made in the hopes of increasing flexibility for sponsors and applicants, and boosting the U.K. economy. One of the changes made to Tier 2 permits is that Intra-company transfers and Tier 2 General applicants will be allowed to have up to five years of leave at a time, as compared with the current maximum of only three years. Employers will no longer have to apply for extensions as frequently as before; however, they will have to pay a higher government fee. Additionally, the minimum salary thresholds have been revised. Please see below for changes regarding minimum salaries.

Job Category Old Minimum Salary New Minimum Salary
Jobs that qualify for Tier 2 (General) £20,300 £20,500
Exempt from advertising in Jobcentre Plus £71,000 £71,600
Exempt from annual limit/Resident Labour Market Test £152,100 £153,500
Jobs that qualify for Tier 2 (ICT) Short-Term Staff, Skills Transfer, or Graduate Trainee (maximum stay is 6 months or 1 year) £24,300 £24,500
Jobs that qualify for Long-Term Staff (maximum stay of 5 years) £40,600 £41,000
Jobs that qualify for transfers up to 9 years £152,100 £153,500
Earnings that qualify for settlement £35,500 (applications on or after April 6, 2018) £35,800 (applications on or after April 6, 2019)

Employers should be aware that many of the salaries that they have previously used to support Tier 2 visas may now be out of line with the new Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) codes and their updated minimum salaries. Employers are advised to adjust salary packages accordingly for future assignees.

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