There have been several recent changes to nostrification requirements in Czech Republic. Nostrification is the equivalency recognition process of a degree from a foreign university.

No Nostrification for Standard Work Permit

Beginning March 2014, Labour Offices in Czech Republic no longer require nostrified proof of education for non-regulated professions as a standard document for work permit applications for foreign nationals. This is based on an internal Labour Office guideline. However, note that this may still be requested by the labour office if they have reasonable doubts about the authenticity of the degree certificate.

Nostrification Only Through Universities

Furthermore, as of February 2014, the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) has been transferred to the Ministry of Education and does not issue equivalency statements anymore. The nostrification of a university degree must be obtained instead through an approved Czech university which offers equivalent courses. The process of recognition of foreign education can take several weeks or even months.

Nostrification for Blue Card

Finally, nostrification of a degree is still required for the Blue Card application process. As the nostrification of the degree can now be obtained only through a university, the processing time for Blue Card applications may be significantly longer than in the past and therefore the Blue Card route may be unsuitable in cases where the timing is critical.

Legalizations Still Required

Note that these changes relate to the nostrification of the degree certificate, i.e. the equivalency testing process conducted in the Czech Republic to confirm the status or level of a degree received outside the Czech Republic. Degree certificates (as well as police clearance certificates and marriage and birth certificates for accompanying dependents) still need to be apostilled or legalized in the usual manner in the country of issuance before they can be accepted in the Czech Republic.

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