The Malaysian Immigration Department (MID) has decided to implement a stricter employment pass (EP) cancellation policy. This new policy is effective immediately and is intended to limit the ability of EP holders to travel and re-enter Malaysia once they have already filed a request to cancel their EP. Previously, foreign workers were able to leave and re-enter Malaysia up until the requested date of cancellation of the EP. With this new rule, a foreign national’s EP will be cancelled immediately if they leave Malaysia after submitting a cancellation request to the authorities. Upon returning to Malaysia, these foreign nationals will have lost their ability to work in Malaysia. Additionally, they may be denied re-entry and will have to apply for an entry visa abroad. This will only permit them to re-enter the country, but it will not authorize employment. Even if a foreign worker is changing employers in Malaysia, it is not advisable to leave the country after submitting a request to cancel their EP.

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