A new directive from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) dictates that any foreign nationals who overstay their visas in South Africa will be denied re-entry for a period of time anywhere between 12 months to five years. The duration of the re-entry ban will vary by individual, depending on the length of his/her overstay. If a foreign national overstays for 30 days or less, he/she will not be able to enter South Africa for 12 months. If the period of overstay is longer than 30 days, the foreign national will not be able to enter South Africa for five years. And if a foreign national overstays a visa for the second time within a period of 24 months, he/she will not be permitted to enter South Africa for two years. It is suggested that foreign nationals and their employers closely monitor visa expiration dates and plan extension applications in advance to avoid any potential gaps in authorized stay.

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