Effective May 28, 2014, a company representative is now required to attend 9(g) Pre-arranged Employment Visa (Commercial) application interviews, along with the applicant. Previously only the applicant was required to attend this interview.

Who Can Represent the Sponsoring Company?

  • If the employer is a corporation or partnership, it can be represented at the interview by an executive officer, as indicated in the Articles of Incorporation/Partnership or latest General Information Sheet (GIS).
  • A non-executive officer of the company may act as representative at the interview, provided they are authorized by the executive officers through a Special Power of Attorney.
  • A company with a single proprietor may be represented only by the registered owner, as indicated in the valid Certificate of Business Registration issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
  • Travel agents, liaison officers and legal counsels are not authorized to represent or appear on behalf of the employer, even if they hold a Special Power of Attorney.

Exemptions for Top 1000 Companies

Note that applications sponsored by the Top 1000 corporations in the Philippines are exempt from the interview requirement for 9(g) visas.

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