A new requirement mandates that all Russian citizens – those living both within and outside of Russia – who have obtained foreign residence permits or citizenship abroad must notify the Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) that they have obtained these permits. However, any Russians who permanently reside abroad are not subject to this requirement if they have done one of the following: de-registered their places of residence in Russia, or declared that their new address abroad is their formal address. Those who are subject to the requirement must file their notification with the FMS within 60 days of the requirement’s August 4th¬†implementation date. Going forward, Russian citizens must notify FMS upon receipt of citizenship or permanent residence permits abroad. Certain information and documents will be required with the submission of the notifications. Notifications may be submitted either in person or via mail to the regional FMS office. Any notifications sent by mail must be sent through the official Russian postal service and bear the stamp of the Post of Russia. It should be noted that failure to comply may result in criminal fines of up to one year’s salary or 400 hours of mandatory community service. Violation of filing requirements may result in fines of up to 500 to 1,000 rubles. Additionally, similar requirements will be implemented in Crimea on the first calendar day of 2016.

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