Thailand’s Immigration Bureau has cracked down on enforcing the nation’s immigration regulations. From now on, all foreigners who are obtaining or extending their visas or who are making 90-day reports are now required to sign an “Acknowledgment of Penalties for a Visa Overstay” form. The form includes the following information: name, nationality, passport number, and signature. Specific penalties for overstays have yet to be announced but are expected by the end of the month as the Immigration Bureau has already submitted its proposal of recommended penalties to the Ministry of Interior. The Immigration Bureau proposes that any overstays of up to 90 days be punishable by fines and overstays greater than 90 days be punishable by re-entry bans ranging from a period of one year to life, depending on the length of the overstay. Companies and assignees are reminded to be aware of their visas’ expiration dates and to comply with Thailand’s regulations.

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