In an attempt to reveal foreign workers without proper documentation or licensure, Colombian authorities have decided that all foreign workers in Colombia must be registered on Migración Colombia’s website as soon as possible. Employers are responsible for registering the status of their employees, including the foreign national’s start and termination dates. To register, employers must upload their company’s Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation as well as identification of the company’s legal representatives. This process is expected to take three business days to be complete. Upon notification of a foreign worker’s start of work with a company, the company or its representative must upload a letter signed by the employer’s legal representative. Previously, this was done in person. Transitioning to an online process is expected to allow for faster immigration-related updates. If the foreign worker requires a professional license, its validity will be checked as part of the notification process. It should be noted that foreign nationals who hold visas but do not require corporate sponsorship are still required to undergo registration. In these instances, both the employer and foreign national are to notify Colombian authorities of the start and end dates. Please consider that these changes are effective immediately.

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