New changes in France require the submission of more documentation for work permit applications. Beginning January 1st, 2015, the sending (non-French) employer will be expected to provide their company registration number or employer ID, the date of the company’s formation and the name of the registration authority, the name of a legal representative, and the primary business activity. The sending employer may also be required to register with the French social security system, although this varies according to the home country. Additionally, companies that are sending intra-companies transferees will also be expected to submit a web link that explains the relationship between the French host company and the foreign entity. If in the case of the international provision of services, the sending company is expected to submit documentation regarding the total cost of the services and a copy of the service agreement.

Expectations for the host (French) employer have changed as well. The host employer must submit information about the entities that are handling the work permit application process and must pay the relevant government fees. In addition to this, the host employer must provide the monthly or gross annual salary for an equivalent position in the host company.

For cases that involve regulated activity, the host employer will be expected to provide the identity of the regulating body and proof of certification. And for intra-company transfers, the host company is required to describe the role of the French entity in the corporation. Additional required details include the date that the French group was formed.

The foreign employee will also be subject to additional requirements. They will be expected to submit a copy of their initial employment contract or a copy of the initial employment offer letter, if the former is not available. Also, they will have to submit a copy of previous employment certificates to prove substantial professional experience. Intra-company transfers and secondments will not be subject to the latter requirement.

Employers and foreign employees should be aware of these additional requirements and ensure all proper documentation is provided for their application.

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