Beginning April 1st, holders of Green Cards or Critical Skills Employment Permits who apply for a Stamp 4 must submit more extensive proof of their two years of employment in Ireland to the Irish Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation (DJEI).

The new requirements include the following:

  1. Submission of the new Stamp 4 form;
  2. A letter from their employer that is dated within the previous three months and confirms their job title and employment with the company;
  3. Copies of three (3) paystubs from the past four months;
  4. Copies of the employee’s P60 tax statement issued by the employer. This is required for reach year covered by the Critical Skills Employment Permit or Green Card Employment Permit; and
  5. If applicable, documentation proving health insurance payments.

If the DJEI determines that the documents confirm employment for the permit’s duration, a letter will be issued to the employee that he/she will require for his/her Stamp 4 in-person application at the Garda national Immigration Bureau. An approved Stamp 4 has a validity period of two (2) years and permits the holder to stay in Ireland without holding an employment permit. If a Stamp 1 is issued rather than a Stamp 4, the holder must hold a valid employment permit to continue working in Ireland.


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