Effective immediately, the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Mumbai has determined that new processes shall be imposed in attempts to deter late FRRO registration and visa extension applications. Foreign nationals who do not register within the required 14-day period or who submit a late visa extension application must be accompanied by a representative from the Indian employer company to the FRRO. They will have to bring an apology letter that outlines why the registration or visa extension application is being completed late. Please note that the representative should be the same individual who initially signed the foreign national’s letter of undertaking. An additional process change requires that these same foreign nationals return to the FRRO the next business day to obtain their resident permits or visas rather than receiving them in-person on the same day, which is the standard process in Mumbai. Employers and foreign nationals should note these new processes and take care to complete their FRRO registrations and submit visa extension applications in a timely manner.

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