As of April 1st, 90-day reporting may now be done through an online portal. Foreigners whose stay in Thailand exceeds 90 days must report this to the Immigration Bureau. However, these individuals will now be able to complete this mandatory reporting via an online portal. It is important to note that they can only do so during an eight-day period that starts 15 days before their notification due date and no later than seven days before their notification due date, which is the date that the foreigner has stayed in Thailand for a continuous period of 90 days. Reports filed during the last seven days will not be accepted. Once the filing is approved, the foreign national must print out a receipt and carry it with his/her passport as proof. For those who choose to file in-person at the Immigration Bureau, a longer period of reporting will be granted, beginning 15 days prior to the notification due date and ending seven days after the notification due date.

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