When applying for permanent residency, knowledge of Italian civics and language is evaluated under a points-based system. If a foreign national does not submit proof of this knowledge to the Immigration Office, they must take exams to prove their proficiency. Effective immediately, the Italian Ministry of Interior has decided on the standards that will allow a foreign national to be exempt from having to undergo a civic or Italian language exam for their resident permit.

Foreign nationals who have obtained educational qualifications, diplomas, or language certificates from the following schools will be exempt from both the Italian civics and language exams:

  • Italian schools that are recognized by the Ministry of Education;
  • Provincial Centers for Adult Education (issued from 2014 – 2015); and
  • Permanent Local Centers (issued before 2014 – 2015).

Individuals who have obtained the following language certifications are exempt from the A2 level Italian language exam but not the civic exam:

  • A2 PLIDA Certification diploma of knowledge of the Italian language – Dante Alighieri Society; and
  • A2 Certification of Italian as foreign language L2 – Roma 3 University.

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