In accordance with the New Regulations, the border visas are only issued to foreign nationals from countries where there is no diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Mozambique. – New Regulation, Article 21 (1).

When a foreign citizen comes from a country where there is diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Mozambique, he/she can only obtain the border visa in the following situations:

  1. Where there is reciprocal treatment in their country of origin to waive Mozambican citizens regarding the entry into their country;
  2. When the Directors of Provincial Migration Services, which have under their jurisdiction border posts with powers to issue border visas, so authorize the issue of this visa, upon request duly justified by the concerned citizen. – New Regulations, Article 21(2) and (3)

To issue border visas, the chiefs of the border posts, must take into account the means of subsistence and financial resources that the person has, for his/her return to origin and other requirements deemed necessary. – New Regulations, Article 5 (7).

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