On May 25th, 2015, the new Nigerian Immigration Act was amended and signed into law by former Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. This new act replaces the previous Immigration Act of 1963 and provides a strict legal framework in attempts to address current migration issues. It also will provide stricter penalties for non-compliance.

With the Nigerian Immigration Act in effect, employers must be sure to renew their expatriate quota or monthly reports on a timely basis to the Nigerian Immigration Service. Failure to do so may lead to fines as high as $15,000 USD. The representative in charge of the corporation may become subject to fines as high as $5,000 USD and/or imprisonment of up to one year. The act ensures that companies take on full “immigration responsibility” and security on behalf of their expatriate worker before the granting of residence/work permit. Offenses committed by companies may attract a fine of $10,000 USD and may also prompt further investigation.

An additional change is that the approval and issuance of Temporary Work Permits (TWP) may be done by the comptroller General of Immigration (CGI). Additionally, foreign workers seeking change of employment in Nigeria must first obtain approval from the CGI.

As a result of the new Nigerian Immigration Act, employers and foreign workers should take care to comply with all regulations as harsher penalties have been enacted for non-compliance.

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