The Netherlands has issued an amendment concerning business visits and activities, which will now let business visitors conduct meetings without having a work permit and allow multiple visits of up to 13 weeks in a given 52 week period.  The previous rule allowed business visitors to stay in the country for up to four weeks cumulatively in one 13 week period for certain permissible activities.

In January 2014, the government issued new guidelines stating that business visitors were allowed one visit for up to 13 consecutive weeks in a 52 week period. Since the intent of the new guidelines was not just to allow one visit in a given period, the government sought to clarify the law in order to allow multiple visits. The government has made an effort to encourage international trade and promote international agreements which is why this amendment is being implemented.

The amendment does not affect certain business visitors who are conducting other work permit-waived activities, such as installations, repairs, and trainings on Dutch equipment and software. These individuals will still be exempt from work-permits and are permitted one visit of up to 12 sequential weeks in a 36 week period.

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