Peru has enacted a new Aliens Act that will revamp work visas and pertinent procedures. New categories of work visas and revised terms for their validity period, will be introduced by this new law. The law will take effect 90 days after all relevant regulations are published.

Visas and permits that are affected under this new law include the Designated Worker Visa, Worker Visa, Short Stay Work Visa and Temporary Worker Resident Visa.

The major changes brought on by the new Aliens Act (Legislative Decree No. 1236) are as follows:

  • Designated Worker Visas (WD1) will be issued for 30 days and cannot be extended;
  • Worker Visas (WRA) may be issued on a temporary basis (up to 365 days), provisionally (for two years) or on a permanent basis;
  • Short Stay Work Visas may be granted to intracompany transferees for stays of up to two years but are not renewable; and
  • Employers and foreign workers are subject to sanctions for violating the terms of this law.

Immigration Authorities have indicated that they plan to amend some administrative procedures in order to simplify the process and eliminate unnecessary measures. Details of this new law and anticipated amendments to administrative procedures will be clearer once all of the relative regulations are published.

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