Effective November 10, 2015, new electronic residence permits are being issued, which contain a chip to store the holder’s biometric data. The new cards meet European Council (EC) regulation 380/2008.

Who is affected?

  • For residence permit applications submitted before November 10, 2015, the permit will be issued in the previous non-electronic format.
  • For applications submitted on or after November 10, 2015, applicants will receive the new biometric residence permit.
  • Existing residence permits remain valid, and the holder does not need to take any action. Upon renewal, the new-style electronic permit will be issued.


Changes to application procedure

The Florence Immigration Police department has issued an official communication detailing the changes to the application procedures for residence permits. It is expected that these new procedures will soon apply throughout Italy:

  • All applicants will receive an individual residence card, regardless of their age (including those under 14 years of age). For minors, the card will be conveniently connected to the mother’s permit.
  • Fingerprints are now required from all children aged six and above.
  • The presence of minor children is now required both at the biometric appointment and at the resident permit collection appointment.

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