As FGI previously announced, Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency will implement a new points system proposed to retain foreign workers and students, remove current restrictions and ease work experience requirements. The new system will take effect on January 1, 2016 and will include the following amendments:
Foreign White-Collar Workers
White-Collar workers are currently required to sustain at least two years of work experience and be paid at least a minimum of 47,971 NTD per month. The new points system will ease these requirements so that foreign workers would just have to meet the educational, foreign language and work experience qualifications that tally up 60 points in the grading system.
Foreign Blue-Collar Workers
The new points system will ease the existing criteria for foreign blue-collar workers and permit employers to hire workers who hold over nine years of experience.
Foreign Students

The new points system will remove the cap on the number of applicants, eliminate the company capital and revenue restrictions, and render the wage threshold requisite optional.

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