Australia’s new Biometrics Act, which grants immigration authorities a wide range of powers and more flexibility to require biometric data and personal identifying information from all travelers, will be implemented on February 16, 2016. All individuals entering Australia, including both Australian citizens and non-citizens, will be subject to the provisions of the Biometrics Act.
The Biometrics Act establishes the following stipulations:
• Offer authorities the discretionary power to collect one or more personal identifiers from both Australian citizens and non-citizens at the border for migration purposes;
• Grant authorities flexibility as to the types of personal identifiers they may require depending on the circumstances;
• Authorities may request to collect personal identifiers from minors and incompetent persons without their consent and without the presence of a guardian;
• Personal identifiers may be collected by an identification test or by using other methods prescribed by immigration authorities (e.g. live fingerprint scans); and
• Gives permission to the Minister or an immigration officer to notify of biometric requirements orally, in writing or via email.

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