Foreign nationals in the Philippines holding long-term work visas and Alien Certificate of Registration IDs (ACR-I Cards) must appear in-person at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) office and complete their annual report before March 3, 2016. The Commissioner of Immigration has the discretion to penalize and/or imprison foreign nationals who do not submit their annual report by the deadline.

Certain foreign nationals are exempt from having to appear personally before the BI office in 2016 if they have previously appeared in person in 2014 or 2015 and submitted their annual report form. Additionally, a foreign national must not have violated the Philippine Immigration Act 1940 or the Alien Registration Act 1950, in order to meet this exemption. Those who are exempt from the personal appearance requirement may appoint a representative to complete their annual report on his or her behalf. The representative must adhere to the following steps at the BI office:

  • Provide a Special Power of Attorney on behalf of the foreign national and include the legal representative’s valid government-issued identification card;
  • Present the foreign national’s original passport and original ACR I-Card for verification;
  • Pay the annual report fee of 310 PHP and the express lane fee of 500 PHP for non-appearance; and
  • Submit an undertaking if the foreign national has issues with his/her immigration status so that the appropriate legal obligations are met.

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