In an effort to simplify visa applications for foreign workers and their dependents, the Federal Government amended the visa application procedures for employment and family reunion entry visas in order to reduce the difference in processing times between the two visas.

The amendments eliminated an approval step that proved to be time-consuming for local immigration authorities. As such, this amendment should significantly reduce processing times and allow for the following improvements:

  • Principal visa applicants and their dependents who were previously in Germany under long-term stays can now enter Germany solely upon consular approval. If the local authorities do not give a denial notification within ten days of the submission of the application, the consular post will assume the local authorities’ consent.
  • Visa applications for qualified dependents who have submitted their applications along with the principal applicant and who have not previously resided in Germany, should experience reduced processing times of two to three weeks.

These amendments came into force on December 29, 2015 and should considerably reduce processing times for employment and family reunion entry visas.

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