The Swedish Migration Agency is now requesting extensive salary and insurance documentation as part of the work permit renewal process. 


Authorities are requesting pay slips and proof of insurance as far back as six years in an effort to ensure that non-EU nationals who worked in Sweden received proper pay and insurance coverage for each month they were employed in Sweden. This new initiative will also affect non-EU nationals applying for new work permits if they have previously worked in Sweden.


Processing times have slowed significantly because of the changes. Work permit renewals are now taking two to three months and sometimes longer if documentation is incomplete.


Employers should adjust their timelines to account for delays. They should also check if new work permit applicants have worked in Sweden previously. In some cases, even if proper documents are submitted when the application is filed, authorities are requesting additional documentation.


Applicants should anticipate longer processing times and be prepared to provide additional documentation. In addition, businesses should anticipate making adjustments to start dates or project timelines to account for the extended processing times.


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