As we previously reported, on August 13, 2016 Turkey published the “Law on International Workforce” (Law No. 6735), with immediate effect.

The Law has changed the requirements for notifying the Ministry of Labour (MOL) of the start of a foreign national’s work assignment.

What are the changes?

  • Employers must now file a notification with the MOL within 15 days of an assignment starting or ending.
  • The new requirement appears to replace the previous need to file a “late commencement petition” if the assignment started more than 30 days after the work permit was approved.
  • However, the immigration directorate is still requiring late commencement notification to be made in addition to the new 15-day notification.
  • It is expected that the late commencement petition will be phased out when anticipated new regulations are introduced to implement the Law On International Workforce.
  • The requirement to notify the MOL within 15 days of termination is not new.

Companies employing foreign nationals in Turkey should for now make both commencement and late commencement notifications to the Ministry of Labour.

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