Effective December 25, all immigration applications for dependent family members in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) must be submitted via “E-Vision”, a new online application system. Manual applications will no longer be accepted.

Previously, family members had to apply for dependent entry permits and residence stamps in person at the immigration authorities. Now the entry permit and residence visa applications can be made online through the new E-Vision portal.

The original Emirates ID and the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of the principal applicant (sponsor of the dependent) are now required for all dependent-related immigration applications. The principal’s Emirates ID can take up to three weeks to be issued, delaying the initiation of any dependent immigration applications.

The original passport of the dependent is still required for the residence visa endorsement stage, but this must now be submitted and returned by via a government-accredited courier. For urgent residence permit endorsement, the original passport can be brought to the immigration authorities in person, and an extra charge must be paid.

Employers of foreign nationals bringing family members to UAE should inform them of these changes, and of the possible delay due to the new requirement to submit the principal’s Emirates ID.

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