A new immigration policy was implemented on April 1, 2017, in all cities in China to streamline the integration of the different type of work permits. The new work permits will be categorized into A, B, and C groups, respective to high end personnel, professionals, and temporary workers in service or non-technical sectors.

Trials for the permits began on November 1, 2016 in 9 cities. The applications were processed within five days, half the amount of time of the previous system.

Changes for these policies are still being released within the next few months, however, the below changes have taken effect immediately:

  • Non-Criminal Records will require legalization
  • Highest academic degree will require legalization
  • Submission of Alien Employment Notification must first be done online, prior to official submission over the counter
  • The Employment Permit will undergo a pre-review by the Bureau before it is to be officially processed

New work permit categories:

  • Category A
    • High end personnel (scientists, technological leading talents, international entrepreneurs)
    • No age limit
  • Category B
    • Professionals
    • Age limit set at 60 years old for both male and female applicants.

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