Beginning March 25, 2017, the Shanghai Labour Bureau will no longer accept any Alien Employment License and Work Permit applications under the old immigration policy. The new process has been streamlined to apply online.

Key Changes to Take Effect:

  • Employers should begin filing Alien Employment Permit applications via the website of the Expert Bureau beginning March 26th as manual submissions will no longer be accepted;
  • Foreign nationals that have obtained an Alien Employment Permit before March 24, 2017, must obtain a fresh permit under the new Alien Employment Permit via the website of the Shanghai Expert Bureau;
  • Employers sponsoring foreign nationals must be register their company name with the Expert Bureau before March 24, 2017; and
  • Work permit extension should be submitted 1-3 months prior to the work permit expiry to the Shanghai Expert Bureau.

Foreign nationals that have already obtained a work permit prior to March 24, 2017 are not affected by these changes.

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