Effective January 23, 2017, Indian nationals intending to visit Hong Kong visa-free for up to 14 days must now apply for and obtain pre-arrival registration before travelling. Previously, this registration procedure was not required.

What is Pre-Arrival Registration?

Indian nationals intending to visit Hong Kong for up to 14 days should visit the designated GovHK website for pre-arrival registration.

After entering the required information, the system will process the registration automatically and the registration result will be made known to the applicant instantly. Successful applicants must print the notification slip generated by the online system on a sheet of blank A4 white paper.

A pre-arrival registration is normally valid for six months or until the expiry date of the Indian passport linked to it, whichever is earlier. Subject to meeting normal immigration requirements, a registrant may, during the validity of the pre-arrival registration, use a valid notification slip together with the specific and valid Indian passport linked to the successful pre-arrival registration to make multiple visits to Hong Kong visa-free. On each visit, a registrant may stay in Hong Kong for up to 14 days.

In case the pre-arrival registration cannot be completed, an Indian national must apply for an entry visa to the Immigration Department if he/she intends to visit Hong Kong. Such applications must be submitted directly to the Immigration Department.

Detailed information on the PAR process is available from the Hong Kong immigration authorities here.

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