The Intra-Company Transfer Permit has been implemented within the Italian Immigration law, Legislative Decree No.253/2016.

This permit is now available for mangers, specialists, and trainees working for companies related to the same corporate group. The titles are defined below:

  • Manager: person holding a senior position who primarily directs the management of the host entity, receiving general supervision or guidance mainly from the board of directors
    • Maximum stay: 3 years
  • Specialist: person with specialized knowledge, working within the group of undertakings
    • Maximum stay: 3 years
  • Trainee Employee: person with university degree, transferred to a host entity for career development purposes, or to obtain training in business methods, and is paid during the transfer
    • Maximum stay: 1 year

The foreign national must be employed by the sending company for at least three uninterrupted months before being able to transfer to the Italian company. Dependents may also join the foreign national even if the assignment is less than one year.  After the expiry of the ICT permit, the foreign national must wait at least 90 days before applying for another permit.

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