Effective immediately, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has implemented the option to apply by email for pre-approval for a Temporary Work Permit (TWP), with a target for approvals of two working days from receipt of application.

How to apply?

  • Applications by the Nigerian company sponsoring the applicant for pre-approval for a Temporary Work permit can be submitted to oa@nigeriaimmigration.gov.ng.
  • The application should include a formal request stating the name, nationality and passport number of the visitor, the purpose and duration of the visit and the mission where the visa is to be issued, and accepting responsibility for the visitor. It should be supported by a copy of the information page of the foreign national’s passport, along with certain required company documents.
  • Approval will be forwarded to the relevant Nigerian embassy, high commission, consulate or visa application centre (VAC) where the applicant is a resident.
  • The applicant can then submit their completed visa application form, along with proof of payment of the visa fee, their passport and two passport-sized photographs, either in person at the Nigerian mission or VAC, or by post.

What is the Temporary Work Permit?


The temporary work permit (TWP) is issued for up to 90 days, for short-term, specialized work activities in Nigeria, such as after-sales installation of machinery, feasibility studies, repairs of machinery or equipment, auditing and accounts or research work.

Processing time for the TWP is much shorter than for the standard STR (Subject to Regularization) visa, as no expatriate quota approval is required. The new email submission option is expected to reduce processing time further, although the two-day target for approvals cannot be guaranteed in practice.

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