Beginning January 1, 2018, the minimum base salary will increase in Flanders.  The minimum base salary in Wallonia and Brussels will also increase in January 2018 but the figures have not yet been released.

The minimum base salary will increase for the below permits in Flanders:

  • Type B work permit for highly skilled workers will increase to Euro 40,972 (up from Euro 40,124)
  • Type B work permit for senior management and executives will increase to Euro 68,356 (up from Euro 66,942)
  • EU Blue card will increase to Euro 52,978 (up from Euro 51,882)
  • Trainees and specialized technicians are exempt from minimum salary requirements when applying for work permits

Applications that are currently pending after January 1, 2018 must show clear evidence of the salary threshold.  New work permit EU Blue card, and renewal applications must also meet the salary threshold beginning January 1, 2018, otherwise they will be rejected.

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