As previously reported, the Visapoint system was terminated as of October 31, 2017.  Appointments that were confirmed for November 2017 remained valid.  Foreign nationals in need to schedule a visa interview after December 1, 2017 must do so my contacting the Embassy via e-mail at visa_{name of consulate}

Foreign nationals that would like to apply for a long term visa and long term residency permit must do so by sending an email to the respective consulate.  Each email is for one applicant, though minors may be included with the parent/legal representative.

The email must be written in English or Czech language and contain the following information:

  • The applicant’s first and last name
  • Type of visa or residence permit the applicant is applying for
  • Contact details of the applicant (e-mail, telephone)
  • Passport number
  • Scan (only in format PDF, DOC, JPEG, JPG and TIFF) of the travel document data page (only the one with photo)
  • Scan (only in format PDF, DOC, JPEG, JPG and TIFF) of the document showing the purpose of the stay in the Czech Republic

The consulate will grant the appointment dates in order for each email they receive.  The foreign national will be notified by email of the appointment date.  Specific dates cannot be requested.  If the applicant cannot attend the visa appointment obtained, they will have to request a new one via email.

Please note that this is general information only and not intended as advice on a specific matter. Please feel free to contact Fakhoury Global Immigration directly with questions exclusive to your situation. This news alert may have been prepared using information from Peregrine Immigration Management, which is licensed to Fakhoury Global Immigration.