Effective July 2, travelers arriving from the following 8 non-EU countries will be permitted to enter Germany: Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, , Montenegro, New Zealand, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. Travelers from China, Japan and South Korea will only be able to enter once they offer reciprocal entry permission to German nationals. Germany has not granted entry permission to travelers from four of the “safe” countries recommended by the EU: Algeria, Morocco, Rwanda and Serbia.

Regardless of country of origin, entry is also permitted for, among others with an important travel reason, foreign specialists and highly qualified employees, whose employment is necessary from an economic point of view and whose work is not postponed or can be carried out abroad.

Arrivals who have spent time in a “risk area” within the previous 14 days may be subject to quarantine under the rules of the competent federal state. Before traveling to Germany, one should double check on the website of the state of entry regarding the specific regulations there. If the state of entry is not the destination (residence) state at the same time, then the traveler should refer to the website of the destination state.

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