On April 13, 2022, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) announced some new immigration changes for all companies registered with MDEC.

These new developments are listed below:

  • Returned Applications:
    • Update from MDEC:
      • Companies must reply within 6 months from the return date
      • Failure to do so will relinquish the application void and the company will be required to re-apply i.e. a new application must be filled out
      • Processing fees paid during submission will not be refunded
    • The Corporate Lab’s comments:
      • No mention on which return date as there could be instances where more than one return is made by MDEC.
      • To be prudent, we advise that companies follow the first return date.
  • Cancellation of Pass:
    • Update from MDEC
      • Companies must get the physical cancellation done on the Employment Pass (EP), Dependant Pass (DP) and/or Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) of expatriates and their dependents who are permanently leaving Malaysia.
      • Physical cancellation here means cancellation via submission of the original passports
    • The Corporate Lab’s comments:
      • No mention if remote cancellation i.e. cancellation without original passports is still allowed.
      •  We advise that companies follow the physical cancellation process unless in situations that are unavoidable such as emergencies where documentary proof mus then be provided.
  • eVisas
    • Update from MDEC:
      • For any inquires on eVisa, companies can contact VLN-helpdesk@tridimas.com.my or refer to the Live Chat Support at https://malaysiavia.imi.gov.my/evisa/evia.jsp
    • The Corporate Lab’s comments:
      • Self-explanatory

source:Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

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