CHINA – Subsidiary to Process Visa Applications for High-Tech Companies

In order to expedite the processing of work permits and residence permits, the Public Security Bureau in Xi’an has established a subsidiary that will focus on processing visa applications for any companies in the high-tech industry. Also, as previously announced,… Read more »

CHINA – Xi’an to Require Interview for Work Permit Applications

Effective immediately, all work permit applicants in Xi’an must undergo an interview with the Xi’an Labor Authority. Upon entrance into Xi’an, applicants will undergo two interviews: one for their work permit application and another for their resident permit application. As… Read more »

CHINA – Exit and Entry Law to be Enforced More Strictly in Shanghai

China’s Exit and Entry Law requires that all foreigners register with the local police within the first 24 hours of arriving in China. Hotels are responsible for providing this information to the police when foreigners are staying there, and any… Read more »