GERMANY – Delays at Munich Foreign Office

The Foreign Office in Munich is experiencing personnel issues therefore delays are to be expected as there is a significant decrease in the availability of appointments. Positive nationals – those who are seeking to convert their status from within Germany… Read more »

GERMANY – Local Employment Contracts No Longer Required for Van der Elst Visas

Previously, third-country nationals seeking to use the Van der Elst process were required by the German government to provide a local employment contract with the German company that would receive their services. However, officials from the Federal Ministry of the… Read more »

GERMANY – New Minimum Salary for Blue Card Holders

The German government released their annual review announcing new minimum salary requirements for Blue Card holders going into effect on January 1, 2014. First-year Blue Card holders must earn a minimum of €47,600 annually. Applicants who will work in a… Read more »