INDIA – A Refresher on Mexican and Canadian Travel Requirements for Indian Nationals

The following information is in regards to Indian nationals currently deployed to work in the United States and wish to travel to Canada or Mexico. Canada Indian nationals are required to obtain a Canadian visa for entry, unless they hold… Read more »

INDIA – Ongoing Difficulties at Indian Visa Application Centers in the U.S.IND

As Cox & Kings Global Services Pvt. Limited has recently transitioned to being the new Indian visa processing vendor in the United States, applicants face ongoing difficulties. Difficulties include processing delays, issues with Cox & Kings’ online application tracking, and… Read more »

INDIA – New Application Procedure for U.S. Based Applications

Effective May 21st, all India visa applications submitted in the U.S. will be processed via a different visa agency, named Cox & Kings Global Services. The current provider, BLS, will cease to provide India visa processing services in the U.S…. Read more »

INDIA – San Francisco and Houston Consulates to Now Require ‘Additional Particulars Form’

Effective immediately, all visa applications filed at the Indian Consulates in San Francisco CA and Houston TX, will now be required to complete a new form known as the “Additional Particulars Form”. This form will also be required for any… Read more »

INDIA – All But Eight Countries to be Offered Visas Upon Arrival

By the end of the year, nine Indian airports will offer visas on arrival and electronic visas to visitors from 180 countries. Currently, visas are offered on arrival to the foreign nationals of eleven countries, including Finland, Japan, Indonesia, Luxembourg,… Read more »

INDIA – Foreign Nationals Staying in Hotels Must Submit New Document to Mumbai FRRO

Any foreign nationals staying in hotels or service apartments must now submit a Form C (Arrival Report of Foreigner in Hotel) to the Mumbai Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) during their registration and visa extension appointments. Foreign nationals can find… Read more »

INDIA – Consulates to Require Labor Market Information on Visa Applications

Effective immediately, some Indian consulates and embassies (particularly those in the U.S., Canada, and some countries in Europe) will require labor market information from employers who are sponsoring foreign nationals to work in India. Employers may be asked to submit… Read more »