MALAYSIA – MID to Require In-Person Filing for Professional Visit Passes

The Malaysian Immigration Department (MID) headquarters in Putrajaya will be evaluating Professional Visit Pass (PVP) applications with greater scrutiny to eradicate fraudulent applications. As a result, the MID has mandated that all PVP applications must be filed in-person by a… Read more »

MALAYSIA – Stricter Rules Regarding Cancellation of Employment Passes

The Malaysian Immigration Department (MID) has decided to implement a stricter employment pass (EP) cancellation policy. This new policy is effective immediately and is intended to limit the ability of EP holders to travel and re-enter Malaysia once they have… Read more »

MALAYSIA – Online Portal to be Used for Employment Passes

Effective immediately, all companies must use a new online portal to apply for employment passes. The Putrajaya headquarters of the Immigration Department of Malaysia has mandated that manual applications will no longer be accepted. Instead, companies will have to enroll… Read more »