SOUTH AFRICA – DHA Releases Details for New Critical Skills Work Visa

As recent immigration legislation changes have led to the creation of the Critical Skills Work Visa, which may be issued for up to five years, the South African Department of Home Affairs has recently published the list of employment categories… Read more »

SOUTH AFRICA – Implementation of the New Immigration Regulations

IOn May 26 2014, the South African Department of Home Affairs (DHA) put into effect the long-discussed new Immigration Regulations. However, there are serious issues and it is possible that the implementation of the new rules will be cancelled via… Read more »

SOUTH AFRICA – Visa Overstays to be Subject to Re-Entry Bans C

A new directive from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) dictates that any foreign nationals who overstay their visas in South Africa will be denied re-entry for a period of time anywhere between 12 months to five years. The duration… Read more »

SOUTH AFRICA – Change to Section 11(2) Work Authorization ProcessSA

On May 13, 2014, the Department of Home Affairs announced a change to the Section 11(2) work authorization process, which provides work authorization to visitor permit holders. The new change mandates that South African consular missions will issue Section 11(2)… Read more »

SOUTH AFRICA – New Announcements from the South African Department of Home Affairs

Foreign Nationals Must Wait Until Application is Approved to Travel Overseas Directive 43 of 2010, which allowed foreign national applicants to re-enter South Africa if they were able to provide proof of pending stay permit application, has since been repealed.¬†… Read more »

SOUTH AFRICA – Draft Immigration Regulations Released

The South African Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has now published draft Immigration Regulations for public comment. Once finalized, the long awaited Regulations are expected to come into effect at the beginning of April 2014. The draft Regulations propose major… Read more »

SOUTH AFRICA – Details Announced of Significant Immigration Changes Ahead

The Department of Home Affairs has made its long-awaited announcement regarding significant immigration changes to come in South Africa in 2014. The Immigration Amendment Act No. 13 of 2011 amends the Immigration Act No. 13 of 2002 (as amended). These… Read more »