TURKEY – Changes to Work Permit Application Process

Recent changes by Turkish authorities have significantly altered the work permit application process, from both outside of and within Turkey. Major amendments include work permits acting as both work permits and residence permits, and mandatory registration at the Civil Registration… Read more »

TURKEY – Additional Documentation to be Required for Dependent Residence Permits

Since an immigration reform law originally took effect on April 12th, 2014, Turkish authorities have been working to clarify the law’s requirements. Although requirements may vary across all local police stations, the following documents are generally expected of dependent residence… Read more »

TURKEY – Visa-on-Arrival Program to be Substituted by New Electronic Visa System

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that for those certain nationalities entering Turkey for business or tourism in which the visa-on-arrival program applies, a new electronic visa system will be implemented. After the traveler submits the required information,… Read more »