UNITED KINGDOM – Foreign Workers’ Allocations to Be Renewed Automatically

Previously, licensed employers that sponsor foreign workers had to undergo an annual application process to renew their Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) allocations. Beginning August 6th, 2014, CoS allocations will be renewed automatically by the Home Office. As a result of… Read more »

UNITED KINGDOM – WorldBridge to No Longer Offer Priority Visa Service

Beginning March 26, 2014, WorldBridge, the U.K. Home Office’s outsourced commercial partner, will no longer offer the Priority Service. The service will, however, be transferred over to a new provider, VFS Global. The Priority Service is currently an additional $150… Read more »

UNITED KINGDOM – Significant Changes for Tier 2 Sponsors

Significant changes to the U.K.’s Points-Based System work routes have been made in the hopes of increasing flexibility for sponsors and applicants, and boosting the U.K. economy. One of the changes made to Tier 2 permits is that Intra-company transfers… Read more »