Governments around the world are increasingly auditing business immigration practices. We anticipate continuance of the trend toward stricter requirements and tougher compliance audits. While this can prove to be a stressful process for corporations with employees on visas or work permits, FGI can make the process more manageable and comprehensible. Our team of  lawyers has experience with liaising with immigration authorities and preparing thorough, accurate, and appropriate responses to issues identified in government audits. We can guide clients through every stage of the audit process and help ensure that they meet compliance requirements.

Document Retention

During the audit process many employers struggle to provide appropriate documents to the immigration auditor. Failure to accurately maintain and produce updated documentation may result in expensive fines and penalties and even debarment from using foreign-based labor.

Salary Requirements

Most immigration laws have regulations in place that ensure that the salary of foreign workers are not undercutting the wage of its working citizens.  As a result, governments typically have minimum wage requirements based upon factors such as job title, work experience, work permit type, education background, etc.  Employers must commit to a specific wage level for the foreign national’s assignment, and pay the full amount to ensure compliance.

Government Communication

Frequent communication with international government officials are required before the auditing process is initiated, therefore employers must meet all response deadlines in a timely manner. During the auditing process, employers need to decide whether or not to hire an auditing professional to act as a liaison.


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