Fakhoury Global Immigration (FGI) is Michigan’s largest independently-owned immigration law firm. We assist our clients with all their immigration-related concerns and help them to obtain the appropriate visas for them or their employees. Our team helps each client to formulate strategies to ensure the maximum likelihood of getting their visa petitions approved and we proudly have achieved a 98% success rate in most visa classifications. At FGI, your approval is our business!

No Global Mobility Policy in Place

Whether an employer has never sent employees to foreign locations or have been transferring them for many years, having a strong global mobility policy in place is critical.  Without one, many areas of the business are at risk including immigration compliance, taxes, and international employment law.  It is important to have a policy in place that integrates these areas as well as HR, travel logistics, payroll, finance and accounting.

Work Permit Expiration Date Tracking

Work Permit expirations pose a significant risk for employers. Extending an employee’s visa requires filing the necessary documentation in a timely manner to prevent any gaps and/or lapses that could lead to an employee staying in a host country past their expiration date.

Case Status Reporting

A critical element that challenges most employers is streamlining their existing immigration processes and accurately monitoring the status of their submitted cases. The lack of adequate case reporting could potentially lead to delays and limit the volume of case approvals.