Service Center Model

We understand that the schedule of a HR professional is demanding. To minimize workload and stress for HR teams, Fakhoury Global Immigration offers a fully-outsourced solution in which your assignees directly contact FGI with their travel needs. FGI’s online tool will gather the necessary information to assess if a business visa or a work permit is required and then work with the assignee to pursue the appropriate application process.

The following are some of the benefits of FGI’s service center model:

  1. Complete Management of Process: FGI will oversee and manage the entire process for our clients.
  2. Customized Document Preparation: FGI will prepare all required documents and forms with the foreign national’s personalized information.
  3. Submission Assistance: Where possible, FGI will further simplify the process by submitting the actual case to the necessary authorities. Submission assistance is not available in every country worldwide, but in many.
  4. Transparency of Worldwide Movement: FGI understands that HR teams need transparency of their mobile workforce. Our status reports provide summaries of case activity, volume, and destinations.
  5. Reduction in Client Resources: As a fully outsourced model, our clients can minimize their internal staff handling immigration and therefore save money.
  6. Reduced Immigration Compliance Risk: It is nearly impossible for HR professionals to understand the compliance requirements of countries globally.  FGI specializes in this and will ensure that appropriate solutions are recommended to comply with government regulations.

For more information about our Service Center Model, please contact us.