Global Partnerships Expedite the Process!  Our high tech company needed to quickly deploy a team of SAP specialists to Ireland for a client project.  As a long standing global partner with FGI, they understood our business strategy and the technical service we provide.  This knowledge of our business has been incredibly helpful in saving time when resource deployments are required.  FGI quickly guided us through the various immigration options in Ireland with very clear detail on timing, process and costs.  The team agreed to pursue Service Contract Scheme work permits which FGI efficiently prepared and submitted.  We were able to begin deploying our first set of assignees within about 5 weeks of submitting the work permit applications.  The efficiency and guidance that FGI provided was invaluable.  They are true global mobility partners!

Routine Business Trip for Senior VP Turns into a Stressful Situation!  FGI assisted us with the approval of a Swiss work permit for our Senior Vice President (VP).  A week after the approval was granted, and before the Senior VP was set to travel on his long term assignment to Switzerland, he unexpectedly traveled to Switzerland for a short 4-day business trip to attend meetings.  He intended to enter on a previously issued business visa.

At the port of entry, the Swiss immigration officer noticed that he had a valid work permit.  The officer granted his entry based on the work permit – not the business visa.  The problem that surfaced though was that since he entered on a work permit, by law, he needed to register with the local authorities within 14 days.   One may think this isn’t too big of a deal but he was not allowed to leave Switzerland until the registration was complete.  But, in order to complete it, he needed a residence!  He did not expect this and had no intention of finding a residence on this short trip.  Now, he wasn’t certain what to do or how soon he would be able to return home!

We immediately called FGI for assistance.  They explained what was needed and helped us secure a temporary residence for our Senior VP which allowed him to complete his registration.  After the registration was complete, FGI personally accompanied our employee to the appropriate Cantonal Authority to ask for a special exit permit so that he could return home to his family and a critical business meeting.  Fortunately, the permit was granted and our Senior VP was able to exit the country, without issue.

Thanks to FGI’s around the clock service, we were able to solve this problem, which we would not have been able to do on our own.  Their relationships with the Cantonal officers and expertise on the process helped to turn around a chaotic and stressful situation.  We know we can always count on FGI.