The Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM), a community of International Human Resource and Global Mobility professionals, provides an opportunity to network, learn, and collaboratively share ideas. In-house and service provider professionals alike come together to focus their efforts on approaching global mobility from both the perspective of the assignee and the in-house global immigration professional.

As the only organization that is wholly independent from any service provider, FEM is equipped with relevant and current information about global mobility and works to unite the worldwide global immigration community.

Fakhoury Global Immigration is proud to be the leader of the Forum for Expatriate Management Michigan Chapter. Frequent FEM events are led by FGI with the intent to promote knowledge sharing and engage in professional dialog. The results of the FEM events lead to global immigration community members creating and promoting best practices for global mobility.

To see a list of upcoming FEM meetings, which include events held nationally, internationally, and for the Michigan Chapter, please visit FGI’s Mobility Education Calendar. Additionally, opportunities to join global mobility education events can be found on the calendar.

To view all FEM events, click here.